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Welcome To The Star PEB India

Welcome to The Star PEB India Private Limited, here we provide one of the best solution of your PEB product and customized solution of Pre-Engineering Building. We Deliver Our Best Solution in the industry. Our Vision to to provide Future Solutions of Pre-Engineering Buildings. we have our vision and we are growing fast to achieve our goal within 2 year of our successful Journey.   

Our Pre-Engineering Building  Products Helps to build in Easy and Economically to construct in Every field of the construction, It may be Building Work, Commercial and Multiple stories Building, Industrial buildings, shed’s, Corporate Offices, Luxury Guest Houses, Hotels, Mall’s, Schools, Hospitals, Cold Storage, Fuel Stations Canopies,  etc. 

We also provide a wide range of solutions of renewable Energy to Produce Energy from Sun lit. we provide Solar Energy Solution to reduced the cost of electricity from your Commercial or residential space. We can deliver On Grid or Off Grid system to store energy or supply energy from your house. 

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Our Specialization

We are providing in single roof all Pre-Engineering Building solutions for our clients. Specialized in so many field and providing small scale services to heavy industrial jobs & Architectural planning for their projects. We also provide residential solutions in PEB products, In Energy sectors we provide Solar Power Solutions, In Petro-Retail industry-we provide fuel station solutions for with civil constructional work & Pre-Engineered Canopies.

Architecture Planning

We will uniform your idea into your Dream. We have our Architects & experts for planning of the Industrial, Commercial, residential projects. You can discuss about the project or Cost Estimation of the project.

Pre-engineered Houses

Star PEB India Can provide you Pre-Engineered Shelters & Also provide customized solutions for your residence with complete Civil Work & Interior & Exterior work.

Pre-Engineering Buildings

A Complete Solutions of Pre-Engineering Building In a single platform, We can provide Civil Constructional work & PEB Work as per your Architectural Planning and Also We provide customized solution for our Clients to satisfy with Planning.

Solar Energy

Star PEB India can Provide you Complete solution of Solar Power System with installation of on Grid or Off Grid connection of Power, that you can use per your requirement of electricity.

Fuel Station Canopies

We Provide a Complete solution of Fuel Station Canopies From Civil Construction to Canopy fascia work. We have customized solutions for fuel station canopy, we can provide you civil work from Paver Blocking, Canopy foundation, Canopy & Fascia Work.

Civil Construction

Star PEB India can provide the civil construction services for commercial & residential purposes. We deals in Petro-Retail Sector ( construction of Petrol Pump), Industrial Buildings, Civil work for PEB's.

Get Your Free Consultation

What is in your mind, consult with us about your Pre-engineering building plan. We will help you to find best product as want. 

PEB Gallery

We will help find the best idea of you Pre-Engineered Building, LGFS Residential, Commercial, PEB Petrol Pump Canopies and Other Projects, Here we have gallery to find the PEB’s as per you are planning to your work and You can see these sections to highlight features of PEB’ for more updates you Can Contact with us.

Our Expert Team

Excellent Knowledge & Excellent management is the foundation of any Organization, Our team  is experienced, knowledgeable and also management. In front of our company directors, our whole team work. 


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